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Guide To CBD Edibles

Guide To CBD Edibles

When it comes to enjoying CBD, the possibilities are endless. From tinctures and topicals, to drinks and snacks, whatever your heart desires more than likely exists on the market. 

For beginners, taking CBD in a way that is already familiar is an easy introduction to the wide world of this beneficial supplement. Whether that's your morning cup of coffee or your evening cup of tea, integrating CBD into your daily routine has never been easier. 

But what product is right for you? That comes down to personal preference, but we've listed some of the edibles you can find here on Hemp Dispense to make the decision a little easier to digest...pun intended. 

CBD Coffee

The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is reach for my cup of joe. I can't start my day without it. Caffeine from coffee beans in small doses isn't a bad thing, but too much of it can cause the jitters and worst of all, anxiety. CBD in coffee is the perfect way to counteract those jitters, while elevating our mood for the day. When made with sustainably coffee beans and a chemical free extraction process, you get an all around great product to start your day.

Shop our CBD Coffee from Hakuna Supply. We even have decaf options if you're caffeine free.   


The health benefits of tea are widely known; there's a reason you reach for a cup of tea when you're sick. The history of tea dates back almost 5,000 years ago to ancient China, and today over half of the US population enjoys a cup of tea each day.

Adding CBD to tea results in the perfect marriage of health benefits. An important factor to consider when choosing the right CBD product for you is too look at the complementary ingredients within the product itself. CBD interacts synergistically with other compounds, enhancing the benefits of both the CBD and the other ingredients. 

Our selection of CBD tea from Buddha Teas contains a variety of beneficially ingredients to enhance your overall health and wellness. 

CBD Matcha Green Tea

Sourced from Japan, Matcha Green Tea with 5mg CBD will settle you into the moment with elevated calm. 

CBD Mushroom Defense

In addition to 5mg CBD, Mushroom Defense tea contains four powerful medicinal mushrooms: chaga, reishi, lion’s mane, and cordyceps, along with a blend of aromatic lemongrass, sweet rooibos, and a touch of anise. 

CBD Tulsi Ashwagandha

5mg of CBD is combined with adaptogenic herbs that support the body’s ability to help physical and emotional stressors while Tulsi (also known as Holy Basil) is considered a premier adaptogen, boasting anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Ashwagandha is another adaptogenic powerhouse, providing increased energy during the day, and sleep assistance at night. Licorice root is the third Ayurvedic adaptogen, and helps harmonize the body and mind. Flavorful rooibos is added to this blend, and together they pack powerful ingredients to keep your body fresh. 

CBD Mint Tea 

Traditionally used for digestion support, peppermint also has the medicinal reputation to reduce stress while cooling the body. Combine with 5mg CBD and you have the perfect soothing treat. 

CBD Turmeric & Ginger Tea 

Used medicinally for thousands of years, turmeric is widely known as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Turmeric is blended with 5mg CBD, spicy ginger and black pepper to provide the ultimate superhero status. 

CBD Chamomile Blend

Chamomile has earned its popularity for its calming effects. 5mg of CBD is blended with healing lemon balm and a dash of lavender. 

CBD Gummies

For a discreet, on the go dose of your daily CBD, gummies are a great option. Gummies have long been used as a way to get your vitamins, why not add some CBD to the mix? Not only are they great tasting, but you get the perfect dose of CBD every time. 

Our CBD Gummies from meCBD come in delicious mixed berry flavor and 300mg or 600mg options. 

CBD Chocolate 


First of all, who doesn't love chocolate? Not only is chocolate a delicious treat, chocolate stimulates more than just our taste buds. Chocolate contains anandamide, an endocannabinoid that is referred to as the bliss molecule for its mood elevating effects. Adding in some CBD only enhances these mood elevating benefits.

Our Happy J's CBD dark chocolate bars are a blend of premium handcrafted Belgian dark chocolate infused with the highest quality hemp CBD isolate. They're also Vegan and Gluten free!

CBD Honey Sticks


Adding honey to a hot cup of tea is always soothing, but it is also antibacterial, and a better option than sugar. Combined with the calming, anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, the pair is a match made in bee heaven. 

Our Foggy Acres CBD Honey Sticks contains 20mg CBD in each stick. The organic hemp CBD flower used is grown on their farm using sustainable farming practices the whole way through…no chemicals, no cutting corners. Packaged in compostable plant based straws and made with local honey because they love the environment and everything Mother Earth provides for us. The result is guilt free, delicious nourishment and relief for you and a happier, healthier planet for future generations. 


CBD gum? You may be thinking things have gone too far BUT there is a reason CBD is effective in gum. Absorbing CBD through our mouths allows for a higher bioavailability into your bloodstream, up to 5x faster than capsules and pills. It's a discreet, predictable dose each time. 

Our Favour Gum is just that. Made with US grown hemp oil combined with a CO2 extraction process, Favour Gum helps ensure precise consistency with every dose.

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