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Brand Spotlight: Foggy Acres

Brand Spotlight: Foggy Acres

Nestled in the countryside of Hillsboro, Oregon is a small craft hemp farm that is the embodiment of sustainability.

They began cultivating the hemp plant back in 2008 starting very small, adopting innovative farming practices such as rain water collection, composting, worm and mushroom cultivation. They have thoughtfully created a process of cultivation that mimics the natural processes found in nature. They create a fully sustainable environment through the cycling of nutrients via composting and animal husbandry, in order to produce the rich organic soil our hemp is grown in. 

Owner and cultivator Chad Roberts is out on the farm literally getting his hands dirty every single day, making sure the plants are well taken care of. 

Each product is crafted with sustainability in mind, as well as including complementary ingredients that work together synergistically to further enhance the experience. 

All their packaging is sustainably made, with much of the packaging compostable.

Their honey sticks are made with local, organic honey and packaged in compostable straws.

Their tinctures also include reishi mushroom, a powerful medicinal mushroom known to be anti-inflammatory, immune modulating, and anti-viral.

Their Deep Muscle Relief Balm contains essential, natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that are scientifically proven to provide effective treatment and recovery for joints, tendons and muscles.

Their unique product offerings also includes a product specifically formulated for women. Their Happy PMS Relief Balm is infused with organic raspberry leaf, and evening primrose oil is used for its essential fatty acid content. Clary sage, geranium, marjoram, ginger and cinnamon essential oils have been added for their benefits. 

Foggy Acres considers it their social responsibility, to support small and local entrepreneurial businesses like their own. Support small, support local, and give Foggy Acres a try today. Take care of both yourself and Mother Earth. 

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